Cake approval, bacon gripes

Rosie’s Sweet Goodness cake

Oh no, they are at it again! Strange beings that humans are, they are changing their diets about. Now I would understand a change of shop: I rather liked the M&S habit I thought She was acquiring on the shorter days. The quality of the bacon was SO much better, I actually had to turn down the stuff she has been buying from Lidl. Whats does she think I am? Desperate or something? No I am a gourmand and I demand quality dry-cures, decent smoked salmon, extra mature cheddar and organic butter if possible. Alright, I might fall for the occasional cheese triangle but that ought to be the limit.

Now He has gone on a high protein kick and I thought, great, lots more fresh meat. But no, vegetarian he stays, though the occasional tin of herring in sauce might yield a taster for me. He says he is worried he will get something his Mum had and become dietetic, betaholic, something like that. So Mum is cooking high protein soup and pasta (oh, whats the point in lentils, really?) cheesy veg and hummus stuff. Plus the hens are noisily laying eggs again so there are omelettes and scramble (I am partial to that). At least he is still into the cheeses. I can’t get enough of that stuff. We slim 21 year olds need concentrated nutrition to keep our figures rounded and shiny. Good for passing spring hairballs too, but now I am getting personal.

So tonight she is feeling pleased with herself as she invented a cake which ticks both their boxes: gluten free, veggie, full of protein and hits the sweetness she loves and he craves but should have less of.

As usual I was overseeing the process from my position on the back of the AGA and I can let you into her secrets. Don’t tell her I spilled the trade secrets though!

Rosie’s Sweet Goodness Cake


2 bananas

1 sweet potato, baked till soft, cooled and skinned

(yolks of) 4 eggs

2 teaspoons mixed spice

2 teaspoons cinnamon powder

2 1/2 oz ground almonds

2 1/2 oz coconut flour (grind desiccated coconut finely to make)

Blend all together, whizz, whizz, so noisy!

If liked, add 2 oz crushed walnuts at this point for texture.

Whisk whites of the 4 eggs till very white and sticky (Mum says to stiff peaks stage) and fold into mix gently.

Spoon into 2lb cake tin- Mum has those silicon rubbery things – or 2 sandwich tins and bake in a moderately hot oven Gas 5 for 50-60 minutes,  i.e. till browned and no longer sticky in the middle, or for about 25 minutes if sandwich tins are used. Test with a skewer to see if cake is baked through.

Mum says she will try adding blueberries or freeze-dried raspberries for colour, and also vary with adding grated carrot and orange rind instead of spice and nuts. Pass the butter Mum, thats all I want. Or you could top it with cream cheese, I love that too.

I just remembered what Dad is worried about. Its dia-pet-aches. Thats what you get when you have to live with 2 active kittens I think. I get it all the time just looking at them, pinching my food and favourite sun-spots. Hrmmph.

Night-night, love from Tiddler.x

time for my beauty sleep




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