Feeling ginger, saucy tastes

Its been a long week, mainly because my teeth are playing me up again and I do not want HER touching them. I told her, they are not so bad I need the vet just yet. Meanwhile I would prefer my food cut very fine or to be pate consistency please. She must have got the message as she opened a box of cream cheese just for me, and roasted me chicken this morning, which I am working my way through.

Its not easy being my age. HE keeps wanting to comb me right to the bone. He says I am having fur balls because my undercoat is shedding. There is no dignity in this ageing business. I told him, he can do my my left side but my right is too arthritic. He said thats exactly why I need help, so I can’t win. I take most of my beauty sleep on my right side now to protect it, thats what we animals do, immobilise and protect sore bits. Prrr-ouch.

She decided that if she couldn’t tidy me, she would use up or convert  the last of the stored apples. She cut up the nicest, dipped them in salty water, and dried them in the bottom of the AGA for use in her muesli.

She still had some trimmings and battered looking apples so she made home-made brown sauce with those. She was at it for ages so I saw and this is what she did:

Stored apples can be treated in many ways to extend their kitchen life

Brown Sauce recipe.

Most brown sauces contain gluten as they have rye flour in to thicken. Use pureed apple of rhubarb to make your own gluten free version.

In a large preserving pan (or halve quantities) put:

4lb apples or rhubarb

4 pints water

1 pint malt vinegar

2lb chopped onions

1/2 head garlic or to taste

1 oz salt

4 oz sugar

2 teaspoon molasses, more if liked

2 inches fresh ginger root, chopped plus 1 tsp ginger powder

Dried spices: grind or crush together:

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 chilli or to taste

1 teaspoon yellow mustard seeds

2 inch stick OR 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

2 brown cardamon pods, crushed, husks removed

4 green cardamon pods

4 teaspoons coriander seed

1 teaspoon allspice (Jamaican pepper)

1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg

4 cloves, crushed

Cook all on a high heat, bubbling away for 90 minutes till soft and thick. Add water if too thick. Adjust salt/ sugar/ vinegar  so no one flavour dominates the other.

Yield will be about 9lb volume with quantities above.Put enough wide-mouthed bottles or jars into oven or microwave to sterilise.

Blend the mixture with a stick blender, then rub through a metal sieve to make sauce smooth. Fill the clean warm jars with sauce. You can bottle the sievings too: use as a chutney.

Screw the lids on well and this condiment will keep for a couple of years stored in a cool place. If the mix is over thick when you open the jar, add a little vinegar. This is a good reason not to over-fill the jars. The other is that vinegar rusts through metal caps so use plastic screw tops or leave room at the top and a dab of clingfilm and keep jars upright.

Enjoy!    Tiddler x

Time for an AGA  snooze now



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