Vets, bees, Spots and peat smoke

A week to end all weeks started with Her taking me into the vet again. Just because I have been pawing at my bad tooth when she gives me sticky dinner. It was the lady vet this time and I quite liked her. She was most impressed at how bold and able I am of course.

She took a good look at my pearlies and declared them hazardous to cat-kind! She wondered though, was I not too old for a dental? Too old, moi? As my friend Mehitabel would say, Toujours gai moi. You should read her poetry, its very sassy. Anyway the lady vet explained that I would have to have a blood test before any dental work and Mum decided it should be straight away to save me trouble in case I was given pre-op meds then was not allowed the rest.

After some discussion they put this stuff on my leg that made it cold and kind of numb. I had to wait 5 minutes so I was allowed to explore the surgery. I watched this dog have an access lanced, it was really gungey. Natalie the vet took my paw and stuck this sharp thing in my leg. I was understandably wriggly as it hurt a bit so it took a while before they were satisfied they had enough. Once I relaxed it was fine. Do you find that when you give blood?

Mum and I sat in the waiting room, me in her arms, till my results were ready. We met another cat, rabbit and a thing called a ferret which smelt fox-musky. Natalie came out with my blood tests. She said she was sorry but they were very high readings and I could not have a dental after all. I was NOT sorry! She gave me a jag of vitamins and a pill.

By the time we got home I had the massive munchies. I just could not get enough to eat and howled for food all night, pacing up and down not knowing what to do with myself. It was most unpleasant. Mum seemed pleased that I was eating, trust me, I had no option. Cornflakes would have tasted good to me. It took a couple of days to wear off and meanwhile they stuffed me with as many calorific treats as I could handle. The vet had thought I had lost a little weight so I expect I have regained my soft outline now.

The weekend brought drama with rescued cats arriving and Mum seemed quite distracted. Then the bees swarmed, making a racket, but going back into their hive. More dramas continued during the week and the atmosphere was intense. Then the crunch came.

This is Spot, DSCN3815 2.jpg

“fire is beautiful
and we know that if we get
too close it will kill us
but what does that matter
it is better to be happy
for a moment
and be burned up with beauty
than to live a long time
and be bored all the while”
Don Marquis

well this was Spot. The silly kitten went and surpassed himself in causing trouble this week. On Monday he copied his brother by climbing into the magpie’s nest. Don’t think he enjoyed the pecking much. Then on Tuesday he kept sitting in the road outside. Our neighbour picked him up and Dad went after him also. He came in for his tea (my rejects- there’s a lot of those these days) then went out hunting, as did his brother. Patch came back in but Spots- well there was a phone call very early in the morning as his body was found down the road, too late to help him.

Dad was in some state. They had this thing they call a funeral. My second breakfast was late!  Mum had work to do out in town so I was left with Dad and I could not console him. I told him, the kitten was silly. Jimi said: he had tried his best but Spots would not listen to his aged wisdom. Patch said he never listened full stop. Patch was very quiet for days, walking round like a lost soul, trying to play with Jim, which is pointless, and needing to be close to everyone. I was very good, I have not hissed at him all week.

Next day the blessed bees swarmed and the honey crop went with them. Mum was out doing story stuff. Dad enjoyed seeing them gather and choose where to go. He is not into beekeeping, being more a bee watcher.

Then came Friday and the AGA dragon went off on holiday. I guess he wasn’t getting enough attention either. My favourite snoozing place went all cold. She put an electric bed out for me and finally worked out that Dad had turned the room heater thermostats down which is why the room heaters had not come on. It was FREEZING. I had to cuddle up to Jimi for heat. You won’t see THAT too often!

I am happy to report that She spent Saturday warming the Dragon’s nest up so that it would come back again and make my bed all toasty again. Plus she can cook me chicken again now.

It takes ages to coax absent-without-leave dragons back home. First you have to tempt them with smouldering wood and then add compressed peat blocks as they send out a dragon-friendly smoke and scent signal. I think thats why the kitchen was so smelly anyhow. And success! Dragon is back, She can have her heat-pad back, its no substitute for the Real Thing. I can curl my old bones up against him again.

Sadly for Her the bees and Spot are gone. Still, she has some storytelling to do tomorrow in Burn’s Cottage. That should cheer her up. And she’s been ordering my favourite German cat foods again so I am happy. Patch is upstairs cuddled up with Dad so all is well at the Dragon’s Hearth. More or less.

Love from Tiddler x

Mehitabel’s story is found in ‘Archie and Mehitabel’, an account of life as a vers libre poet cockroach by Don Marquis.


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