Tiddling trouble

I slept after the shock

Hello fan club, Tiddler here.

Life was a bit uncomfy last week. Its bad enough having dental issues and having to have old lady mushy food, but then my peepee stopped happening, or rather it never stopped happening. Its hard to describe. I had this incredible urge to go, I lost all thought of where and when was appropriate, whether to mark my territory or keep me clean. Itch, hurt, urge, squat was the order I received and I had to obey.

Mum noticed it when she sat in a pee puddle that escaped onto my cushion. She seemed most surprised. Dad explained thats why he was sitting at the table, not in his usual sofa space which is of course much handier for cuddling me. Mum said she would have to take me to the V.E.T so I did a bunk. I am not daft. It was no fun last time, why repeat it?

I ran into the garden and its such a jungle out there now that its midsummer there was no way she could spot a wee black furball like me in the undergrowth. I hid till it was too late to go and she had to call the vet back to cancel.

She gave me what she calls homeopathics, that means sweet stuff she spooned onto my gums, as I was right off my food. Well I could hardly concentrate on being a delicate gourmande with all that squatting going on. It did seem to help me feel better. Then she tripped over me in the dark as I napped on a hot water pipe on the landing (my usual Aga space not feeling safe). It gave me such a fright I totally wet myself. She said she got a fright too, but who is the injured party I say? Still any blockage had gone and I had an easier Sunday. But 2 days later I was squatting again and this time I was so distracted by it she caught me and to the vets we went. Nasty needle this time. I slept after the shock and when I woke up I felt quite the thing and wanted my breakfast!

I had a good week, then it started again, so the vets stuff is no better than Mum’s. Another trip in and you better believe I howled all the way in. Another jag and Mr Crawford, who is not subtle, told me my teeth were fine, he had seen much worse. So I paw my at mouth for no reason? Really! He gave Mum something in a packet to take home. ‘Start tonight’. o-oh, I thought, what now? But these are something to write to you about. These new tablets which Mum calls antibiotics taste brilliant! I can’t get enough of them. I am allowed 2 little bits of them morning and evening and I can’t wait! They taste so good I come running at the packet’s rustling. Why aren’t all medicines so nice tasting?

As for the sofa, its tidy again, my litter tray is back in use and its safe for humans to walk barefoot in the hall and downstairs bathroom. Well it was, till Corrie started wetting the floor….

I thought of it first!

Love from Tiddler x


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